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How To Play Pokies Online To Win

Playing slot machine games is actually pretty simple. You only have to insert your money into the coin slot, press the buttons and pull the lever to start playing. Meanwhile, in an online pokie game you simply need to place your bets and press the Start button, then wait while the reels with the picture combinations are in spin until they stop spinning and your winning combination appears on the screen. There are many different ways to win and if you're playing pokies for real money, you'll also win real money.

Although the game of pokies doesn’t have any complicated rules, there are a few simple guidelines you should follow, thus making the game really popular among a lot of players. For those who want to know how to play pokies, here are some helpful tips and ideas that will help them learn more about the game. Slots machine and online pokies are basically the same. They both have a coin acceptor where players will have to "insert" a coin to start the game and set the reels spinning. They also come with different buttons located below the screens. These buttons will help adjust the game’s difficulty, and they are all essential when playing the game.

Demystifying The Slot Buttons

The buttons which are found in every game of pokie might look different from one game to another, although these buttons have the same functions in the game. Moreover, they will show you useful information telling how and when to use them. You can find two separate rows of buttons on the screen, with each row of buttons having different uses. 

The top row of buttons often includes the Collect button along with five other buttons with different uses. Pressing the Collect button will allow you to collect your money in the machine. However, it can also activate the coin acceptor, thus allowing you to play the game once more. The other five buttons on the top row are used for placing bets of different amounts.

The bottom row on the other hand has more buttons compared to the top row. The first button is the Take Win feature which allows you to take your wins from the Gamble feature. The other feature is the Reserve feature which reserves the slot machine for three minutes. You can only find this feature in pubs and clubs. The next five buttons feature the number of lines you want to make per spin. Keep in mind that the reels will start spinning as soon as you press any of the five spin line buttons. 

Then there is the Gamble button and the Start Feature button. Once a winning spin is done, you can choose to press the Gamble button which will take you to the double up bonus game. In some cases, you will be offered half gamble feature upon pressing the Gamble button several times. The Start feature, on the other hand, is only available once you win the bonus feature.

Now that you have an idea about the buttons and their uses, it’s time to start the reels spinning. Once you have your money in the machine, start by deciding your bets per line before selecting the number of lines you want to play. This is because pressing the line bet buttons will immediately start the game.

Playing Slots Games Online

how to play pokiesPokies that are played online have a different set of buttons compared to their land-based counterparts. Moreover, they also vary from one game to another, and from casino to casino. The basic rules found in a land-based slot machine are the same to that of an online pokie in the sense that you will need to pick a bet level and get the reels spinning.

Here are the buttons you can find when playing the game of pokie online:

  • Credits per line - this allows you to add or subtract one credit per line
  • Credit size - it allows you to adjust the credit size
  • Max bet - pressing this button places the maximum amount of bet and start the spin
  • Spin - pressing this will start the game with the current bet size and lines

Some buttons in an online pokie game will only appear once certain conditions are met. For example, the Gamble button will only appear once you get a win which you can gamble. Meanwhile, the Start Feature button will only appear once you win the feature.

Pick the Best Paying Pokies

After learning how to play pokies, you might wonder how you can pick the best online pokies with the highest payout. There are several tips and tricks out there that allow people to find the pokie machine they need. Some will simply pick any machine and leave the rest to luck, while some will go for a machine located in a spot that is out of the way. For example, one person will play on a pokie machine that is located in the corner compared to the one located in the aisle. People think that since the slot machine is located far away, it will give them with a higher odds of winning. However, there are also some people that will use a mathematical calculations in order to find the best pokie machine. 

Most pokie machines, particularly ones that are launched just recently, all share the same odds of winning. In order to maximise your winnings, it is a good idea to play only those that have the best payouts. According to research, $5 and higher pokie machines come with the highest range of payouts, while those with less expensive bets will have a decreased payout.

Get ready for a world of entertainment right here when you discover how to Play Pokies Online!


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